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Laksa soup - just add your own bits and pieces (if you want!). Think thinly sliced meat, tofu, vegies, prawns, noodles.... I sometimes use it on rice with vegetables just for the flavour. It is our most versatile dish and one of my favourites. The flavour is absolutely delicious and so mild that everyone loves it. 1kg serves 4 people or 2kg serves 8. Thaw, reheat to hot and do whatever takes your fancy... just consume as it is if you like!

Contains | Crustacean, Fish, Soy, Peanut

Batch 12/01/24 CONTAINS Peanuts

*This dish is made without Gluten or Dairy in the recipe and we are careful of cross contamination however we do process ALL NOTIFIABLE ALLERGENS ON PREMISES. Please remember to be mindful of your own personal dietary requirements when ordering.

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