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We do custom orders!

Are you looking for a large amount of food already prepared – please come and speak with Alek.

Whether it is a once off dish for a function, or a new item for your menu, we can help.

Think anything …

from slow cooked Beef Cheeks in Red Wine Jus, or Vino Cotto through to Spinach, Mushroom and Ricotta Lasagne.

How about a Saffron Aioli!

Pulled Pork? Duck confit?? Relish… pickles… sauces??

If you have the volume, let’s discuss.

Your Recipe … we do the cooking


Recipes can be given to us, created by us, or presented as a collaboration!

Some people come to us with just an idea… others know exactly what they need, we just cook for them.

The food produced on custom order is often by Chef’s looking for consistency and quality.
Our assurance to you is to provide smoother service, and free up your prep time so you can concentrate on other items produced a la minute, or perhaps house specialities.
Time is our business and we aim to reduce your staffing hours and wages whilst minimising wastage.


Generally speaking, clients looking for custom orders may include people who are looking to produce retail items under their own name.

For this purpose we provide access to our kitchen, our HACCP, our staff, and of course, our hands-on expertise.

All without having to go to the expense and incidentals of setting up a commercial kitchen.

Have you always had a dream to sell that certain food product that is always a hit amongst your family and friends?
Got your own special secret recipe but not sure how to get it on the shelves??
Yes, we can help with that too!


We are small enough to give each item the care and attention it deserves yet large enough to handle orders by the pallet load.

Our team of fully qualified Chefs prepare each and every item. We are not a mass producing factory.

Cooking quality food still needs to be done by hand, with taste and care.


by complying with HACCP and AQIS Approval for Export.
Please feel free to view our accreditation at
and search for The Prep House.