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FreshStock is our ‘bread and butter’ label.

Only… it has nothing to do with bread or butter.

It’s stocks, glazes and sauces – the oh-so-important basics.

To make a good meal – you need a good base.


Our range is made up of traditional hand-made stocks with ‘real’ ingredients – sourced locally.

Bones, veg, herbs, seasoning and water – just like at home … only ours is tendered to by our Chefs, so the flavour is on point
and you don’t have to be a slave to the stove top.

The products we sell  should to be kept in the fridge or the freezer.

Because, like we said… they are traditionally made.

quality traditional stocks

Freshstock began serving Adelaide’s best restaurants and hotels back in 2002.

Since then we have grown to be a respected and trusted brand in the hospitality circles, both in South Australia and throughout Asia.
Our Singapore clients include Michelin star restaurants.

The Prep House enables Chefs and home cooks alike to enjoy high quality traditionally made stocks and glazes renowned for consistency and quality.
We provide you with the reassurance of knowing your quality product contains wholesome ingredients.

red wine jus

There is the usual crew in the stock department … Beef, Lamb, Veal, Vegetable, Chicken, Fish.

The Glazes are the stocks for the Beef, Chicken and Lamb, reduced down to a shiny sticky drizzle of deliciousness!

Of course there is the traditional Gravy, and a few others pop up here and there … but the main kahuna, the one the crowd goes wild for, the best seller, the head honcho…
is the Red Wine Jus.

I know, you’re thinking “big deal, not reiventing the wheel there!” Well my friend.  The wheel is perfect the way it is, and so is our Red Wine Jus.

The wine is specially blended for us in McLaren Vale.  Our stock and the love… well you can’t beat that.   It is the best you’ll ever have!  Frankly, if you’re serving a dish without it to your guests, well… you’re just being mean.

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