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Pickup TODAY ONLY FRESH Chocolate Sauce

Pickup TODAY ONLY FRESH Chocolate Sauce

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We have done a test batch of Chocolate Sauce 😱

This test batch is available today only. Today (25/3/24) is the fresh use-by date.
We have some put aside to test the longevity past this date for the future batches.

I had it in my mind that it would be like a kiddy choc topping. Yum - but not "oh my god I will bathe in this" amazing.

Chef did the latter.

So this is more of a warning than a sales pitch. If you grab one of these today (only available for pickup today) you will find yourself with spoon in hand eating from the packet like a child who found the stashed Nutella.

Another warning - its a LOT. Definitely for sharing.

Oh, and it's actually meant to be warmed.
If you can make it last that long 😜

 **** Warm in bag in a saucepan bath of hot water. Stove not on- just put boiled water in pot, wait a tic. Open the bag and rest it upright in the water to melt gently. Give it a little squish sometimes til it's runny <3 
I'll perfect this with many tries at home til I get it right for the next batches label ;) 

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