If you have a food idea you would like to see it on the shelves – we can help.  That’s right – we’re your man!

You can use our HACCP, our facilities, our staff, our time, our know how.

  Use our experience to make it happen.

Your Name – Our Quality

The Prep House is a food manufacturing business operating out of a commercial kitchen in Adelaide, South Australia.

We have our own brands for Freshstock, as well as a wide range of food service items labelled under “The Prep House”.

Stay tuned as we are ready to launch Gust – we’ll keep you posted!

Our Historical Beginnings

Freshstock have been serving Adelaide’s best restaurants and hotels since 2002.

We enable Chefs and home cooks to enjoy high quality traditionally made stocks and glazes without having to spend hours in the kitchen creating it themselves.  Freshstock is a trusted and well known industry brand in Australia and overseas.

In 2013 we began taking food production orders.  Business boomed!  We registered our brand and name change to reflect our new ventures.

Then …

The Prep House was born

Now you know – we do custom orders for food service items.  From ready to serve meals to accompaniments – all requests are a private collaboration between you and Alek.

People come to us with a variety of ideas.  Some have a recipe, and others, we simply work together!  For some it’s just an idea – other’s know exactly what they need and so we just cook for them.  We are small enough to give each item the care and attention it deserves and large enough to handle orders by the pallet load.

Yes!  For your peace of mind we comply with HACCP and we have AQIS Approval for Export.

We haven’t looked back.