Your Food Prep … Done!


Our mainstream business is in the creation of bulk food service items for the hospitality sector.


FreshStock is our ‘bread and butter’ label.

Our signature range includes stocks, glazes, sauces – the oh-so-important basics.

To make a good meal – you need a good base!



Gust is our ‘whatever takes our fancy’ range.

The beauty of having your own food business is that you can stay on trend.

From Rillettes to Pulled Pork – we do it with style.



This is where you come in.

Do you have a food idea you would like to see on the supermarket shelves or restaurant menu?

Tell us what you do.



  • Beetroot Ravioli

    Beetroot Ravioli has origins transcending the mountainous regions of Italy.  The taste of this inspiring vegetarian dish is surpassed only by the beauty of the dish itself.   Fine Italian Cuisine!

  • Bouillabaisse

    Of course any bouillabaisse worth its sea salt boasts a medley of fresh seasonal seafood.  Nothing is finer than a crisp white wine with a truly outstanding saffron infused Provençal Bouillabaisse.

  • Chicken Stock

    Our tongue tantalising ‘straight off the bone broth’ is fulsome and rich with natural goodness and flavour.  We use only pure filtered ingredients guaranteed to boost the immune system.

  • Laksa-base

    Laksa base

    Our sumptuous ready to go soup. Add whatever floats your boat. You can even say it's your own creation. Beautifully delicate yet punchy. Share, or you’re just being rude.

  • Moroccan Chicken Confit

    Slow cooked to perfection with the full traditional flavours of Morocco. Ready to be crisped up and served with a refreshing bitey carrot slaw ... your guests will totally love it!

  • Beef Cheeks with Red Wine

    The best quality beef, slow cooked forever so it falls apart when you whisper to it. McLaren Vale red wine – blended specially for us – because we love you.

  • Red Wine Jus

    Seasoned to perfection and ready to serve. Once again Team McLaren Vale have delivered a quality wine which we magically transform into our famous Red Wine Jus. The epitome of the sauce family!

  • Braised Lamb

    This Lamb is SouthRock Kangaroo Island golden goodness ... Did you hear me? SouthRock. KI earthy and earthly heaven on a plate. Shoulder cut, braised to perfection, it barely holds itself together!