Collection: Available FRESH right now:

We keep some of our batches aside fresh for those who need to portion out into smaller serves to freeze when they get home. We sell in bulk to keep our price to you low so if you need to feed just one or two people at a time this section is your best bet.

These items are in limited quantities. Once we deplete the fresh ones we have available there is only the frozen option. 

* Our fresh items have a use by or 'freeze by' date of 7 days post production.
This is clearly labeled on each meal :)

*Pickup items purchased online from this collection must be collected that same day or the next.

*For DELIVERY of fresh items orders must be placed the night before in line with our delivery schedule for the next day. Here is our delivery schedule if you need:
-Monday North West (orders in on Sunday)
-Tuesday North East (orders in on Monday)
-Wednesday City and local to Edwardstown, central Adelaide (orders in on Tuesday)
-Thursday South, every second week we go as far as Willunga (orders in on Wednesday)
-Friday City, local to Edwardstown, central Adelaide (orders in on Thursday)

You can then keep your portioned out meals in your freezer as normal for 6 months. Thaw overnight in your fridge and consume within 48 hours.