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No Balls Meatball Sauce (Napoli :P ) 1kg

No Balls Meatball Sauce (Napoli :P ) 1kg

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Well - we've been asked to give you all a batch of the our spectacular Meatball sauce without balls et voila!

#noballs #napoli 

Vegetarians, Vegans, FODMAP friendly folks - REJOICE!!! There is pretty much nothing in this sauce but somehow the Cheffies have seasoned it to the freaking hilt and it is redonkulously yum.  #noonion #nogarlic #nogluten #nodairy #yesyum 

Add your own thingies if you want or have it on pasta as is.

Solid, staple winner.

Use as a base for your creative culinary juices to flow through.... 

Lasagnes, pasta bases, soups, casseroles... it begins here ;) 

Hashtag Vegan!! 🎉

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